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Natural Breast Enlargement

BREAST AUGMENTATION w/ NATURAL FAT TRANSFER - You have always wished you could remove the excess fat from your waist and thighs and add it to your breasts...  NOW YOU CAN!  Dr. Ralph D Wade is the first in Utah to offer Natural Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation with the Body-Jet®, Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation, a procedure that combines two great techniques for one amazing result.

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Smartlipo™ and Body-Jet®

BODY SCULPTING - You've tried dieting. You've tried exercise. But parts of your body have simply refused to tone up. With Smartlipo™(Laser Lipo)and Body-Jet® (Water-Assisted Lipo), you can change all that. These revolutionary treatments literally melt and wash away the fat in trouble spots like your abdomen, thighs, arms and neck. Call for a consult today!

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