Natural Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation - You have always wished you could remove the excess fat from your waist and thighs and add it to your breasts... NOW YOU CAN!

Dr. Ralph D Wade is the first in Utah to offer Natural Breast Enlargement with the Body-Jet®, a procedure that combines two great techniques for one amazing result. The latest advances in fat harvesting and adult stem cell transfers provide women the option of enlarging their breast using their own fat without the use of un-natural implants. Body-Jet® liposuction is used to harvest the fat from your trouble areas, like those annoying hips and thighs. Then the fat is then concentrated with your own adult human fat stem cells and injected in the fat that is already present in the breast.

The injection of the fat along with the stem cells results in a permanent 250cc to 500cc overall breast size increase. This would allow for a 1 or 2 bra cup size increase. The end result is enlarged breasts that are very natural appearance and feel without the risk of implants.

Natural Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation has many advantages over implants to include:

  • Fat is completely natural substance harvested from your own body.
  • During Body-Jet® fat harvesting, the overall shape of your body is improved.
  • The breast can be sculpted and shaped for a more natural and youthful look.
  • There are minimal incisions with this procedure = less scarring.
  • Does not interfere with mammograms.